A Heavy Hearted Farewell to the Volkswagen Eos


The Volkswagen Eos was introduced in 2007 as the successor of the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. The Volkswagen Eos made its first debut at the 2006 Detroit auto show. The Volkswagen Eos is a four-seat, two-door, couple convertible with a retractable 5-fold hardtop, with a sunroof, making the Volkswagen Eos a unicorn of sorts. The Volkswagen Eos’s name was derived from the Greek Goddess of sunrise, Eos.

The Volkswagen Eos has had a great eight year run, however Volkswagen has announced that the 2015 VW Eos is the end of the chapter for this peppy, stylish, and sleek little car. This may be goodbye for the Volkswagen Eos, but it is certainly leaving with a bang. The latest and greatest 2015 Volkswagen Eos has eighteen inch Vicenza wheels, Cornsilk Beige and two-toned Vienna leather seating, contrast stitching, silver net interior trim, and a rear view camera—just to name a few of the features you’ll find on the 2015 Volkswagen Eos. If you are in the greater Denver metro area and are interested in purchasing or leasing a Volkswagen we invite you to visit http://www.mcdonaldvw.com/.


Why Denver Loves Volkswagen

Denver volkswagen colorado concours | McDonald VW

There is a reason why they call it the “peoples car”- because people absolutely love owning a Volkswagen. It’s why more than 5 million folks around the world bought a new Volkswagen last year—a record, by the way. But why does it seem like the streets of Denver are flooded with Volkswagen. We can think of a hundred reasons why Denver Volkswagen loves their VW’s, but here are our top five!

1. VW Has Its Eye on the Future with Fuel-Efficient Cars

Over the next five years, Volkswagen will spend 62.4 billion Euro—that’s more than $80 billion—to develop some of the most technically advanced cars and SUVs in the industry. Much of that investment—one of the largest in Volkswagen history—is going to focus on developing eco-conscious vehicles with the Think Blue® mantras of efficiency and sustainability in mind, including hybrid, diesel, and electric cars.

2. VW Goes the Distance

In the 34 years Pasadena, California, resident Albert Klein owned his white 1963 VW Beetle, he’s racked up a staggering 1,613,281 miles. That’s right—1.6 million—the equivalent of driving 238 times around the moon.

Denver VW Golf R | McDonald VW3. VW Gets Speed

Meet Tristan Herbert. He’s 35, lives in Reston, Virginia, and used to be a pro snowboarder and motorcycle racer—until an accident sidelined him. Now he’s in the driver’s seat, racing cars for Volkswagen. He’s pretty good too; last year in his rookie season, he finished fourth in the Pirelli World Challenge driving his GTI. An admitted VW junkie, he’s on his fifth GTI.

4. VW Infatuation Runs Deep—All Around the Globe

In the 65 years it was built—1938 to 2003—some 21.5 million Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 models were snapped up by owners around the world. That makes it the fourth best-selling car of all time. What’s in third place? The hugely popular Volkswagen Golf, of course, with more than 27 million in sales worldwide since its launch in 1974. That means there are a lot of Volkswagen enthusiasts out there.

One of the best parts of having so many fellow VW fans in the world is the unofficial community that’s formed. Owners often wave and honk at one another as they pass—even if they’re complete strangers. The VW bond is a strong connector.

5. VW Safety Comes Standard

Volkswagen owners love the way their vehicles make them feel safer behind the wheel. And when it comes to safety, Volkswagen leads the industry in the U.S. with nine models being named 2012 Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [4]. Call it safety in numbers.

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Fender Beetle Concept Car From VW

The 2012 ‘Fender Beetle’ Concept Showcased at the Frankfurt Show

fender beetle concept


It was exciting enough when fender bug Volkswagen and Fender teamed up to create one of the greatest stereo systems available on the market today- but now the power pair have taken it up a notch with the Fender Beetle Concept- an really cool take on the 2012 Beetle!

The Beetle is the first car that can be ordered with a sound system by Fender, the guitar and amplifier. Now, at the IAA in Frankfurt, Volkswagen is presenting a concept car that 2012 Beetle- Fendercan be interpreted as a tribute to the legendary guitar company with the exclusive Fender Beetle. Complete with a customized design and features such as a sound-system interface for plugging in and playing an electric guitar over the subwoofer that is also integrated in the luggage compartment.

Aesthetically, the black paint on the outside is subdued while the inside is lit up with 2012 Beetle- Fendera sunburst two-toned wood panel inlaid in the dash (looking much like the style of numerous Fender guitars). Elsewhere the Fender logo stitched into the door band and metal control knobs that resemble those used for decades on guitar and bass amps as well as a pick holder. The holder comes with three picks with an imprint of the Beetle.

While the Fender Beetle is a concept car, you can still get the Fender sound in any 2012 Beetle. Buyers who choose the fender beetle Fender audio system get three-color ambient lighting for the interior in red, white, and blue as well as indirect lighting in the door shoulder panels. The sound system itself has two sets of tweeters equipped with neodymium magnets and fabric domes. In addition, a subwoofer with a dual-voice coil is integrated in an enclosed bass box in the Beetle’s trunk. But the centerpiece of the new Beetle’s sound system is a 10-channel amp with Class A/B power amps and 400 Watts of power.

We’re really digging it and we’re sure Beetle lovers and 2012 Beetle- Fendermusicians everywhere will feel the same! The 2012 Beetle is the perfect platform to introduce such a cool new concept and highlight the outstanding new relationship between VW and Fender!

Want to know more about the 2012 Beetle or how to order yours? Visit http://www.mcdonaldvw.com for more info on ordering your Beetle in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker, or anywhere else in Colorado!


High Five For The 2012 Beetle

The newest of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle commercials not only shows the sporty new design but also nods to the Beetle being one of the most loved cars in history (the driver literally receiving high-fives as he drives through the streets).

The longest-running and most manufactured vehicle on a single design platform, the VW Beetle has been an icon throughout the years that will endure far into the future.

The newest Bug may have gotten a facelift- it sits lower to the ground, has a wider posture, and has much more power than its predecessors- but it’s still a Beetle through and through. True, the 2012 Beetle hasn’t even hit lots yet but the reviews and high acclaims already speak worlds of the newly redesigned Bug.

Those who have driven the 2012 VW Beetle speak highly of its drivability. “They are a sporty, front-wheel-drive bunch, amenable to all kinds of customization. They are all now more car than curio,” says Warren Brown, columnist for The Washington Post. “I drove all versions but spent most of my time in the Beetle Turbo, enjoying the whoosh of its forced-air-fed engine and the decidedly better handling of its multi-link rear suspension.”

And while we are still anxiously awaiting our very own Beetles to arrive at McDonald Volkswagen, we are sure that it will be well worth the wait 🙂

Stay tuned to find out when we receive our very own shipment of the 2012 Beetle so you can schedule your own test drive and see why the new Bug is receiving widespread applause!

Beetle Evolution

So the new 2012 Beetle may look different from Beetles past- but one glance at the new model next to models past and the relation is immediately apparent!

The new model takes inspiration from the iconic Bug of the past but transforms it in a new, modern way-a Beetle for today’s world! This new bug’s got dual exhaust, 19-inch wheels and available features such as a panoramic roof, a longer hood and a steeper front windshield to name just a few. Classic Beetle Spoiler

Check out the difference with the rear spoiler- it’s fully integrated into the design of the Beetle adding to its sporty persona and performance. At 200 hp and 207 lb.-ft of torque, thenew beetle spoiler turbo will be the sportiest Beetle offered!


When it comes to a car’s interior, times (and laws) have changed, as well as technology and comfort. While Beetle classic beetle interior heritage cues continue with available painted dashboards and an additional glove box integrated into the dash, the all-new 2012 Beetle is thoroughly modern and designed from a driver’s point of view. new beetle interiorFramed by two air vents, the selected audio/navigation system is directly located for convenience for the driver and climate controls are directly beneath.

Key premium features available on the 2012 VW Beetle include the Fender Premium Audio System, which adds an additional subwoofer and 400 watts of output power along with proprietary Panasonic® speaker technology that covers the cabin with directional sound from front door speakers and front dual voice coil speakers.

 You won’t find that kind of sound in a classic Beetle unless you install it yourself! And while the technology of the new Beetle is worlds away from the classic- there’s definately one consistent theme: simplicity. Back in 1951, the Beetle was simple to understand and drive and today’s Beetle’s interior is a great example of the same simple, refined design meant to be enjoyed by drivers and riders alike!

History Of An Iconic Car- The VW Beetle

With the much anticipated arrival of the all-new 2012 VW Beetle, McDonald VW thought it fitting to take a moment and reflect on the long, fascinating history of this much-loved little bug.

While the Beetle was designed in the 1930’s, they did not begin significant production until 1945 onwards. The Beetle was initially internally designed as the Volkswagen Type 1 and marketed simply as “Volkswagen”.

Later models followed and the car soon became widely known as as Kafer (German for ‘beetle’). In the 1950’s the Beetle was more powerful than most other small European cars because of their being designed for sustained high speeds on the Autobahn. This spurred, and sustained, its top-selling status in theUnited States. With its high quality build and and innovative advertising- the Volkswagen Beetle had made a huge impact and gave rise to other models such as the Type 2 van.

The Beetle pioneered the modern continental economy car and served as the benchmark for two generations of North American compact cars.  The Beetle had marked a huge trend led by Volkswagen with its rear-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

In 1998, Volkswagen produced the New Beetle with the styling of the original Beetle but with a Golf platform. One year later, an international poll named the VW Beetle as the 4th most influential car of the 20th century.

Now, in 2012, Volkswagen has
done it again! The Beetle has been completely redesigned but maintains its iconic image. Due to make its appearance at

our dealership in mid-September, the new Beetle embodies the German styling and quality that the company is known for, but has a few upgrades and tweaks.

Since McDonald VW has been in the Volkswagen business since they first started appearing in the states, we are truly excited to welcome the newest member of the Beetle family to our lots! We have carried Volkswagens since 1958 and we are the ONLY Colorado VW dealer that has seen each of the models come through our doors!

Stay tuned for more on the arrival of the 2012 Beetle!

Meet Our Newest VW News Contributor- Luke Egolf

I’m not a blog pro, nor will I pretend to be one!  I am however, a Volkswagen Pro, so hopefully you can learn a few things from me or at least be entertained.  My name is Luke Egolf, and I VW Denveram a Volkswagen Sales Specialist

Yes, I am a car salesman, but not the typical one!  I want to introduce myself and let everyone know my intentions with the blog.

I have been working with McDonald Volkswagen for 9 months.  Prior to that…no car sales experience.  I owned my own company for 7 years and put it up for sale once my wife and I discovered we were pregnant with twins.  After some time off, and learning that we were soon to have yet another child, I decided it was time to pursue a career in my passion…cars.  I lived in Chicagoland after college and would enjoy taking 2 weeks of vacation from my job to work at the Chicago Auto Show every winter.  I was thrilled to start working at McDonald VW here in Littleton and am having a great time working with the Volkswagen lineup.

I’ve got plenty of resources and product knowledge.  I want to share that with you and have some fun with it, too.  I’ll be covering these items and more:

 -Chattanooga Factory tour

-2012 lineup

The McDonald VW Team


-Extreme test drives

Used car diamonds

-VW news

-Vortex, TDI club, and other fan site news

-Tips, tricks, and little know facts

-Customer favorites

Feel free to email me anytime if there is a topic or question you have, or if you want to come in for a test drive with me!

I like short and sweet, so I’ll end it there.  Till next time! 


McDonald Volkswagen Gears Up For The Autobahn For All Event

Denver Volkswagen Dealer, McDonald Volkswagen, slashed prices on numerous vehicles for their Autobahn For All Event going on now.

McDonald VW has been a leading VW dealer inDenverfor numerous years and now they have gone the extra mile to provide customers looking for new or used Volkswagens inDenverthe cars they want at unbeatable prices.

Specials on cars from Jettas to Tiguans to Golfs, McDonald VW has specials to suit whatever vehicle type consumers are in the market for. Plus, with six of the Volkswagen models being named top safety picks by the IIHS, buyers can feel good that they are not only getting a great deal- they’re getting a great car as well.

With 2011 Jettas as low as $169.00 per month and 2011 Tiguan 4-Motions starting at $279.00 per month, these specials won’t be around long. Plus Golfs, Eos, and CC’s all marked down and ready to sell.

McDonald Volkswagen has built its reputation over the years on being a family-owned dealership that makes customer care and quality service a top priority. Now with this huge summer event, theDenverdealer shows its commitment to its customers by providing even lower prices on vehicles and competitive service deals to keep your Volkswagen in top shape.

For more information about the McDonald Volkswagen Autobahn For All Event you can visit their site at www.mcdonaldvw.com or call them at (720)897-7147.

McDonald Volkswagen- Your Colorado Jetta Source

Looking for a Jetta in Colorado? McDonald Volkswagen is the  ultimate source to find the VW Jetta you’re looking for! 

McDonald Volkswagen is the place to go if you’re looking for a Jetta in Highlands Ranch, a Jetta in Denver, a Jetta in Parker, or any other city in Colorado!

The newest addition to our Jetta inventory is the highly acclaimed 2012 Jetta. The all new Jetta combines the comfort and sophistication with aggressive performance and handling. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1984, the new Jetta GLI is sure to appeal to car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

The sporty Jetta GLI boasts the award winning 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine, generating 200 horsepower and a full 207 lb.-ft. of torque at just 1,700 rpm, contributing to drivability and response of the vehicle in both everyday and performance situations. The Jetta GLI is offered with a six speed manual transmission as standard equipment. This new model is lighter than the previous Jetta GLI and it offers power and performance while still maintaining its German character.

We serve VW customers from all over the state and we look forward to finding you the perfect Jetta in Colorado!

Click Here to see our current Jetta line-up and view the video below to check out the new 2012 Jetta!