Car-Net– A Parents New Best Friend


Are you a concerned parent weary of your teenager’s whereabouts? You’ve heard of OnStar, but isn’t it time that someone gave them a run for their money? The time has come and that someone is Volkswagen. The new 2014 Volkswagen Car-Net you can use the New Boundary Alert to set geographic boundaries. Car-Net is an advanced service offered on select VW vehicles. Car-Net is like a super-computer for your car—or can serve as Big Brother when you aren’t around to keep an eye on your young driver. With features such as maintenance assistance, navigation, and safety, Car-Net will give parents peace of mind.

With Car-Net you no longer have to fear when you hand over your key’s to your young adult the next time they tell you they are going to the “movies.” With Car-Net you can use the New Boundary Alert to set geographic boundaries. Whenever the vehicle enters or exits the designated boundaries an alert is sent directly to your phone. Similar to the Boundary alert you can also set Speed alert to be notified when your car goes over a designated speed.

The Remote Vehicle Locator allows you to access the exact location your car was last parked. “I’m leaving right now,” will no longer be a viable exaggeration of the truth, especially if it’s past curfew.

Car-Net also serves to ensure the safety of your young driver, if they get into a full on collision or hit a side rail Car-Net will place a call automatically connecting them to a Car-Net specialist transmitting information as to their location then connecting them to the appropriate emergency service if needed.

To learn more about this exciting new technology take a look at Volkswagen’s Car-Net YouTube channel. Or if you are in the Denver area visit McDonald Volkswagen, our knowledgeable sales team will educate you with all the information you need to know about this exciting new product.