Fender Beetle Concept Car From VW

The 2012 ‘Fender Beetle’ Concept Showcased at the Frankfurt Show

fender beetle concept


It was exciting enough when fender bug Volkswagen and Fender teamed up to create one of the greatest stereo systems available on the market today- but now the power pair have taken it up a notch with the Fender Beetle Concept- an really cool take on the 2012 Beetle!

The Beetle is the first car that can be ordered with a sound system by Fender, the guitar and amplifier. Now, at the IAA in Frankfurt, Volkswagen is presenting a concept car that 2012 Beetle- Fendercan be interpreted as a tribute to the legendary guitar company with the exclusive Fender Beetle. Complete with a customized design and features such as a sound-system interface for plugging in and playing an electric guitar over the subwoofer that is also integrated in the luggage compartment.

Aesthetically, the black paint on the outside is subdued while the inside is lit up with 2012 Beetle- Fendera sunburst two-toned wood panel inlaid in the dash (looking much like the style of numerous Fender guitars). Elsewhere the Fender logo stitched into the door band and metal control knobs that resemble those used for decades on guitar and bass amps as well as a pick holder. The holder comes with three picks with an imprint of the Beetle.

While the Fender Beetle is a concept car, you can still get the Fender sound in any 2012 Beetle. Buyers who choose the fender beetle Fender audio system get three-color ambient lighting for the interior in red, white, and blue as well as indirect lighting in the door shoulder panels. The sound system itself has two sets of tweeters equipped with neodymium magnets and fabric domes. In addition, a subwoofer with a dual-voice coil is integrated in an enclosed bass box in the Beetle’s trunk. But the centerpiece of the new Beetle’s sound system is a 10-channel amp with Class A/B power amps and 400 Watts of power.

We’re really digging it and we’re sure Beetle lovers and 2012 Beetle- Fendermusicians everywhere will feel the same! The 2012 Beetle is the perfect platform to introduce such a cool new concept and highlight the outstanding new relationship between VW and Fender!

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High Five For The 2012 Beetle

The newest of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle commercials not only shows the sporty new design but also nods to the Beetle being one of the most loved cars in history (the driver literally receiving high-fives as he drives through the streets).

The longest-running and most manufactured vehicle on a single design platform, the VW Beetle has been an icon throughout the years that will endure far into the future.

The newest Bug may have gotten a facelift- it sits lower to the ground, has a wider posture, and has much more power than its predecessors- but it’s still a Beetle through and through. True, the 2012 Beetle hasn’t even hit lots yet but the reviews and high acclaims already speak worlds of the newly redesigned Bug.

Those who have driven the 2012 VW Beetle speak highly of its drivability. “They are a sporty, front-wheel-drive bunch, amenable to all kinds of customization. They are all now more car than curio,” says Warren Brown, columnist for The Washington Post. “I drove all versions but spent most of my time in the Beetle Turbo, enjoying the whoosh of its forced-air-fed engine and the decidedly better handling of its multi-link rear suspension.”

And while we are still anxiously awaiting our very own Beetles to arrive at McDonald Volkswagen, we are sure that it will be well worth the wait 🙂

Stay tuned to find out when we receive our very own shipment of the 2012 Beetle so you can schedule your own test drive and see why the new Bug is receiving widespread applause!

Beetle Evolution

So the new 2012 Beetle may look different from Beetles past- but one glance at the new model next to models past and the relation is immediately apparent!

The new model takes inspiration from the iconic Bug of the past but transforms it in a new, modern way-a Beetle for today’s world! This new bug’s got dual exhaust, 19-inch wheels and available features such as a panoramic roof, a longer hood and a steeper front windshield to name just a few. Classic Beetle Spoiler

Check out the difference with the rear spoiler- it’s fully integrated into the design of the Beetle adding to its sporty persona and performance. At 200 hp and 207 lb.-ft of torque, thenew beetle spoiler turbo will be the sportiest Beetle offered!


When it comes to a car’s interior, times (and laws) have changed, as well as technology and comfort. While Beetle classic beetle interior heritage cues continue with available painted dashboards and an additional glove box integrated into the dash, the all-new 2012 Beetle is thoroughly modern and designed from a driver’s point of view. new beetle interiorFramed by two air vents, the selected audio/navigation system is directly located for convenience for the driver and climate controls are directly beneath.

Key premium features available on the 2012 VW Beetle include the Fender Premium Audio System, which adds an additional subwoofer and 400 watts of output power along with proprietary Panasonic® speaker technology that covers the cabin with directional sound from front door speakers and front dual voice coil speakers.

 You won’t find that kind of sound in a classic Beetle unless you install it yourself! And while the technology of the new Beetle is worlds away from the classic- there’s definately one consistent theme: simplicity. Back in 1951, the Beetle was simple to understand and drive and today’s Beetle’s interior is a great example of the same simple, refined design meant to be enjoyed by drivers and riders alike!

History Of An Iconic Car- The VW Beetle

With the much anticipated arrival of the all-new 2012 VW Beetle, McDonald VW thought it fitting to take a moment and reflect on the long, fascinating history of this much-loved little bug.

While the Beetle was designed in the 1930’s, they did not begin significant production until 1945 onwards. The Beetle was initially internally designed as the Volkswagen Type 1 and marketed simply as “Volkswagen”.

Later models followed and the car soon became widely known as as Kafer (German for ‘beetle’). In the 1950’s the Beetle was more powerful than most other small European cars because of their being designed for sustained high speeds on the Autobahn. This spurred, and sustained, its top-selling status in theUnited States. With its high quality build and and innovative advertising- the Volkswagen Beetle had made a huge impact and gave rise to other models such as the Type 2 van.

The Beetle pioneered the modern continental economy car and served as the benchmark for two generations of North American compact cars.  The Beetle had marked a huge trend led by Volkswagen with its rear-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

In 1998, Volkswagen produced the New Beetle with the styling of the original Beetle but with a Golf platform. One year later, an international poll named the VW Beetle as the 4th most influential car of the 20th century.

Now, in 2012, Volkswagen has
done it again! The Beetle has been completely redesigned but maintains its iconic image. Due to make its appearance at

our dealership in mid-September, the new Beetle embodies the German styling and quality that the company is known for, but has a few upgrades and tweaks.

Since McDonald VW has been in the Volkswagen business since they first started appearing in the states, we are truly excited to welcome the newest member of the Beetle family to our lots! We have carried Volkswagens since 1958 and we are the ONLY Colorado VW dealer that has seen each of the models come through our doors!

Stay tuned for more on the arrival of the 2012 Beetle!

The VW Beetle Rides Again

Personalization has taken over. Everything can now be tailored to our personal taste, from clothes to phones, nothing is immune.  Everything we own gives an impression to others about who we are or who we want to be. It’s not trivial then that our car’s make and model are influencing how other drivers view us behind the wheel.

Long gone are the Model T and the opportunity to choose any car color as long as it was black. We may not all drive the same car but our ability to customize, accentuate, decorate or even give a car a name demonstrates the rise of individualizing our lives and demonstrates more about us than we think.

While this may sound strange to some, giving a car a name has been around for some time. Herbie may have not been the first, and he won’t be the last car to be personalized with a name. The Love Bug proved to us that an endearing and distinctive car can’t be judged by its hood. Herbie was known as the spunky race car that won races even with a mere four cylinder engine, unlike the Corvette’s v12’s of today.  The old bug may be retired, and been redesigned once before in its 73 year history, but in 2012 a new breed of Volkswagen Beetle will once again change the perception of what the bug can do. The second generation Beetle may have been thought of as a young girl’s car, even coming with a matching flower vase for the dash.  But now, lowered and lengthened to look sportier, the new 2012 Beetle will once again be turning heads and competing on the track.  With its more masculine body and the availability of a 200-turbo model, the 2012 bug will change drivers and owner’s minds alike. The 6 speed DSG Transmission will have owners loving their bug as they relive the speed and vitality represented in the movie, the Love Bug. This time around, Herbie truly will “ride again”, creating excitement for a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

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