65 years of quality: the Beetle

In 1962 DDB Worldwide created the iconic advertising campaign, “Think small.” that introduced the Volkswagen Beetle to America. DDB recognized that this particular car stood out, not just because of its tiny nature, but the engineering behind it. The honesty in the cars design gave the agency a great platform to work with, allowing them to create what is considered to be the most successful and famous advertisement in history.

The advertisement challenged traditional notions of what a car should be. Instead of focusing on luxury and large motors, they focused on practicality. The petite size made the Beetle a great car for the city, giving drivers the ability to fit into small spaces. The smaller engine cut down the cost of gas and the overall quality of the vehicle made it a highly marketable product.


Today, the 2014 Beetle may have an engine that can go from 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds or the option of a Premium Fender™ audio system, and a sleek new design; it still holds true to what caused Americans to fall in love with the car from the beginning: practicality and honesty.

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