The McDonald VW Car of the Month [Passat Sport]

The Passat Sport is the largest passenger car in the Volkswagen line-up. It was inspired by German engineering, but designed for the North American driver. One of the most notable changes of the 2014 Passat compared to the 2013 is they have replaced the 5-clyinder engine to a 4-cylinder. Don’t be fooled by the smaller number, the Passat Spot is still a powerful vehicle; with 170 horsepower and great gas mileage, 24 city MPG, 34 hwy MPG, the change from the 5 to the 4-cylinder is a change that you’ll appreciate.

The Passat Sport is the ultimate vehicle of versatility. From safety features such as Stability Control to anti-lock brakes, or being surrounded by airbags, the Passat Sport is a car that you can feel safe driving your family in or simply commuting to a from work.

Stability control automatically senses when the vehicle exceeds its handling limit and reduces the engine power and if necessary brakes as needed to ensure that the driver doesn’t lose control. Anti-lock brakes adapt the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate. This feature makes for safer driving because it allows the driver to turn with more precision and ease around a sharp turn.