Free Denver Volkswagen Warning Light Diagnosis

Vehicle warning lights can come on at any time and can be the result of a number of possible faults ranging from the most common to the more obscure associated. If your warning light comes on, bring your VW in to Denver’s most trusted Volkswagen service center at McDonald VW.

Free warning light diagnosis at McDonald! Call 303-376-4729 or click here to schedule an service appointment online today!




Free Volkswagen Timing Belt in Denver

Save Big With Denver Volkswagen Service VW Timing Belt Special!

Free Denver Volkswagen Timing Belt Replacement at McDonald VW.  Get a free timing belt when you have your timing belt replaced at McDonald Volkswagen. Pay only for the labor and additional vw parts is necessary.

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*Expires 11/30/13. Valid at McDonald Volkswagen. Taxes, disposal and supplies extra. Cannot combine with other offers. Coupon has no cash value. Not valid on previous services. See Service Advisor for complete details. 

Denver Volkswagen Service and Maintenance Discount Coupons in Littleton, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Denver Volkswagen Oil Change Discount at McDonald VW

Save on your next Denver Volkswagen oil change from your Colorado VW dealer, McDonald VW. With the winter months coming up quickly, now is a good time to make sure that your Volkswagen is ready for the harsh winter weather.

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Denver Volkswagen Brake Fluid Special

Volkswagen Brake Fluid discount in Denver at McDonald VW in Littleton, Colorado. Volkswagen recommends changing your brake fluid every two years. As your most trusted Volkswagen Service Center in Colorado with over 50 years of hands on experience, you can trust that we know what it takes to get the job done.

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Changing VW brake fluid is recommended and easiest when performing a Volkswagen brake rotor or pad service. If your original VW brake fluid has turned a dark amber color it can be changed using the DOT 4 brake fluid above. Here at McDonald Volkswagen we use only genuine Volkswagen parts for all repairs and Volkswagen recommended fluid to ensure optimal performance. Contact McDonald VW in Littleton at 6000 S. Broadway Littleton, CO 80121 and save on your next VW Brake Fluid Special


Colorado Volkswagen Service Discount

Is your Volkswagen in need of repair or maintenance? Contact your Colorado Volkswagen Service center and save on any scheduled service or maintenance with this weeks deal of the week.

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Colorado Volkswagen Service – Free Warning Light Diagnosis

Has the check engine light in your Volkswagen come on and you are not sure why? Contact your Colorado Volkswagen dealer, McDonald VW for a free warning light diagnostic. Our trained VW service technicians will properly diagnosis your and offer your expert advice on any maintenance questions that you have – free of charge!

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Colorado Volkswagen Free Alignment Check

There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Perhaps you have notices that your Volkswagen starts to pull to one side of the road. or maybe the steering is off when your hands are placed at the positioned at 10 and 2.Maybe your tires might squeal when you’re turning. Then again, sometimes a wheel alignment problem is so subtle you can’t even feel it. If you suspect something is wrong with the alignment in your Volkswagen, contact Colorado Volkswagen service center, McDonald VW for a free alignment check!. Together, we’ll make your car endure – for the long haul. And with night and weekend hours at most stores, keeping your car keeping on has never been easier – or more convenient.

Call (303) 376-4729 or click here so schedule your Free alignment check online!





What is the service?

  • Measurement of wheel angles to ensure that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Why is the service recommended?

  • Normal wear from road conditions can alter the alignment settings from vehicle manufacturer?s specifications
  • A vehicle out of alignment increases the rate of tire wear, reduces fuel economy, and can affect handling

How does our service help?

  • Aids in proper tire tread wear

Colorado Volkswagen Oil Change Discount October

Save on your next Volkswagen oil change from your Colorado VW dealer, McDonald VW. With the winter months coming up quickly, now is a good time to make sure that your Volkswagen is ready for the harsh winter weather.

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Parker Volkswagen Oil Change Discount

Save on your next Volkswagen Parker Oil Change


The specialists at your Parker Volkswagen Dealer , McDonald VW in Colorado, know your Volkswagen superior to any other auto mechanic. Let Mcdonald VW be your go-to hotspot for everything Volkswagen. If your Volkswagen need a tune-up, new tires, or an oil change, the Volkswagen administration professionals at Mcdonald VW will furnish you with the best administration all at a moderate cost.

Get Inspired by Volkswagen’s New Ad


Volkswagen has given A-ha’s iconic pencil-sketch music video for ‘Take on Me’ an automotive spin with its latest advertisement. The spot features a Volkswagen Passat driver cruising to the head of the pack in a storyboard-style race scene before it is revealed that the sketches are being drawn by a businessman who is singing the falsetto chorus at full volume in a meeting.

The year was 1985 and A-ha was at the top of the charts with their single “Take on Me,” complete with a pencil-sketch video that raked in six MTV Video Music Awards.

Volkswagen looks back at this pop culture phenomenon in their latest advertisement, “Feeling Carefree,” directed by David Shan