Colorado Volkswagen Free Alignment Check

There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Perhaps you have notices that your Volkswagen starts to pull to one side of the road. or maybe the steering is off when your hands are placed at the positioned at 10 and 2.Maybe your tires might squeal when you’re turning. Then again, sometimes a wheel alignment problem is so subtle you can’t even feel it. If you suspect something is wrong with the alignment in your Volkswagen, contact Colorado Volkswagen service center, McDonald VW for a free alignment check!. Together, we’ll make your car endure – for the long haul. And with night and weekend hours at most stores, keeping your car keeping on has never been easier – or more convenient.

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What is the service?

  • Measurement of wheel angles to ensure that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Why is the service recommended?

  • Normal wear from road conditions can alter the alignment settings from vehicle manufacturer?s specifications
  • A vehicle out of alignment increases the rate of tire wear, reduces fuel economy, and can affect handling

How does our service help?

  • Aids in proper tire tread wear