Volkswagen Fuel Filter Special

Volkswagen Fuel Filter Special at Denver Volkswagen Service

Going on now through the month of August, Save $15 on any Volkswagen Fuel Filter Replacement!

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The heating system in your Volkswagen is responsible for keeping your interior warm and comfortable especially during cold climates. It vents off warm air by working on the same coolant used by the cooling system and distributes it throughout the engine. It is circulated from the radiator through a series of hoses and heater valve and then passes it through the heater core. The heater core is the radiator-like heat exchanger that serves as the source of heat for the heating system. Aside from that, the heating system also acts as a secondary cooling system that can help in dispersing engine heat whenever your vehicle is running too hot. However, to be effective, its efficiency relies greatly in the Volkswagen heater hose. This is the useful pathway by which the warm coolant flows to and from the heater core.