Volkswagen Beetle Brakes at McDonald VW in Littleton

McDonald VW in Littleton has quality brakes without big prices.  Bring that Volkswagen Beetle in for regular brake checks at McDonald VW!   

When you’re driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour your best friend isn’t the guy sitting next to you-  It’s your brakes.  So why not be kind to them with regular brake maintenance with the McDonald VW of Littleton service team!

Don’t wait until they start growling and grinding away to get them checked.  Every grind and growl of is damage being done already.  At the McDonald VW of Littleton, Colorado service department we thoroughly check your brakes for any problems that you have or could soon pop up.  Life should be full of surprises but your brakes shouldn’t be.

At McDonald VW near Denver we use the highest in safety rated brakes tested by the FMCSA so you can be sure you’ll stop when you need to.  We want you to drive off knowing you are safe in that new VW Beetle.

We know your brakes are important to you, but why go somewhere that’s going to hike up the price and not give you the service you need.  At McDonald VW your brakes will get the attention they need without the heavy price tag.

Regular repair is necessary for extending the life of your brakes.  The tiniest part can throw the entire system off.  If your calipers are sticking it can make your vehicle pull to one side, and not only put you in a dangerous situation, but wear out your brake pads.  Without regular brake repair you could hear that grinding and growling sound sooner than you think.

That grinding sound from your car is usually caused by the worn down brake pads rubbing against the rotors.  Make sure your VW Beetle stays in top shape by bringing it by as soon as you hear that sound.  One hundred miles on worn down pads could be all the difference in the life of your brake system.

Ideally you want to check your brakes every 15,000 miles or so.  Your brakes have so many little parts and having just one of them out of place could mean your entire system needs serious work.  Don’t just bring it to any old place like that’s going to overlook something in a hurry.  Bring your vehicle over to McDonald VW of Littleton, we’ll take our time going over every piece of your brakes so you can be sure every squeaking, growling, and grinding sound gets looked over by the best.

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