Colorado VW Service- Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

A word from our McDonald Volkswagen Service staff:

With our first snow day behind us and many more on the way, it’s important to get your vehicle checked to make sure it performs well when the streets are covered in snow and temperatures are dropping into the 20’s at night.

Here are just a few tips from our Denver VW Service staff to make sure you wont’s have winter related problems.

-The battery should be checked to make sure it will crank over in the freezing temperatures

-Both the Engine cooling and windshield washer fluid should be checked to make sure it does not freeze. This could be a costly repair that was easily preventable. Plus, on a mild freeze the windshield washer would not work right when you need it most to see out your windshield! 

-Speaking of the windshields- make sure you get your ice scraper, and please remember not to run your wiper blades until all of the ice is scraped and melted.  Your soft rubber wiper blades can easily get damaged wiping over the ice on your windshield.

-Tires need to be checked for tread depth and condition. The best tires for snow and ice are of course winter tires. If you have summer tires or worn out tires it is important to get them replaced before the Colorado snow starts falling!

Every year we see customers scramble to get their winter tires installed right after a snow storm has hit, they have already slid into another car, or they couldn’t not get up the hill because the tires had no traction. This is NOT the time to get new tires! Come in before the bad weather comes and avoid the dangerous conditions!

We are currently offering great deals on name brand tires and most come with a 2 year Road Hazard warranty at no charge. Many people think that just because we are a Colorado Volkswagen dealership we are way more expensive than all the independents around town but it’s not true! We have very competitive prices on tires and shop our competition to make sure our prices are the best in town!

You can probably find cheap tires at numerous places around town- but you won’t be getting the same value that you get with us!

We can perform these services on almost any make and model car, from the Bentley Continental we had on Friday to the Honda Civic we have in today!

You can set up an appointment online at or give us a call at (303)795-7969! Have a safe a wonderful winter!


The Mc Donald Auto Group Staff

Our McDonald VW Service Department does everything from little jobs like oil changes to larger, more serious repairs. We service vehicles from Littleton, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Greenwood Village, and all over the Denver area! Come see us today!