Fender Beetle Concept Car From VW

The 2012 ‘Fender Beetle’ Concept Showcased at the Frankfurt Show

fender beetle concept


It was exciting enough when fender bug Volkswagen and Fender teamed up to create one of the greatest stereo systems available on the market today- but now the power pair have taken it up a notch with the Fender Beetle Concept- an really cool take on the 2012 Beetle!

The Beetle is the first car that can be ordered with a sound system by Fender, the guitar and amplifier. Now, at the IAA in Frankfurt, Volkswagen is presenting a concept car that 2012 Beetle- Fendercan be interpreted as a tribute to the legendary guitar company with the exclusive Fender Beetle. Complete with a customized design and features such as a sound-system interface for plugging in and playing an electric guitar over the subwoofer that is also integrated in the luggage compartment.

Aesthetically, the black paint on the outside is subdued while the inside is lit up with 2012 Beetle- Fendera sunburst two-toned wood panel inlaid in the dash (looking much like the style of numerous Fender guitars). Elsewhere the Fender logo stitched into the door band and metal control knobs that resemble those used for decades on guitar and bass amps as well as a pick holder. The holder comes with three picks with an imprint of the Beetle.

While the Fender Beetle is a concept car, you can still get the Fender sound in any 2012 Beetle. Buyers who choose the fender beetle Fender audio system get three-color ambient lighting for the interior in red, white, and blue as well as indirect lighting in the door shoulder panels. The sound system itself has two sets of tweeters equipped with neodymium magnets and fabric domes. In addition, a subwoofer with a dual-voice coil is integrated in an enclosed bass box in the Beetle’s trunk. But the centerpiece of the new Beetle’s sound system is a 10-channel amp with Class A/B power amps and 400 Watts of power.

We’re really digging it and we’re sure Beetle lovers and 2012 Beetle- Fendermusicians everywhere will feel the same! The 2012 Beetle is the perfect platform to introduce such a cool new concept and highlight the outstanding new relationship between VW and Fender!

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