The VW Beetle Rides Again

Personalization has taken over. Everything can now be tailored to our personal taste, from clothes to phones, nothing is immune.  Everything we own gives an impression to others about who we are or who we want to be. It’s not trivial then that our car’s make and model are influencing how other drivers view us behind the wheel.

Long gone are the Model T and the opportunity to choose any car color as long as it was black. We may not all drive the same car but our ability to customize, accentuate, decorate or even give a car a name demonstrates the rise of individualizing our lives and demonstrates more about us than we think.

While this may sound strange to some, giving a car a name has been around for some time. Herbie may have not been the first, and he won’t be the last car to be personalized with a name. The Love Bug proved to us that an endearing and distinctive car can’t be judged by its hood. Herbie was known as the spunky race car that won races even with a mere four cylinder engine, unlike the Corvette’s v12’s of today.  The old bug may be retired, and been redesigned once before in its 73 year history, but in 2012 a new breed of Volkswagen Beetle will once again change the perception of what the bug can do. The second generation Beetle may have been thought of as a young girl’s car, even coming with a matching flower vase for the dash.  But now, lowered and lengthened to look sportier, the new 2012 Beetle will once again be turning heads and competing on the track.  With its more masculine body and the availability of a 200-turbo model, the 2012 bug will change drivers and owner’s minds alike. The 6 speed DSG Transmission will have owners loving their bug as they relive the speed and vitality represented in the movie, the Love Bug. This time around, Herbie truly will “ride again”, creating excitement for a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

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