Discover Diesel: 2012 Passat

If you’re like me it’s hard not to notice a big rig pulling besides you while on the road. Besides being enormous, the vibration and fumes coming from the hefty engine are enough to give anyone a negative impression of diesel.  Not so fast. Once dismissed as smelly, loud and unreliable, diesel-fueled vehicles are making a comeback as a viable alternative to the more popular, unleaded, fossil-fueled cars. With the advent of clean-diesel and new rigorous regulations which keep emissions low, the modern diesel engine competes hard-in-hand with unleaded.

At first glance, the price at the pump for the fuel may be a turn-off, but for an engine that can double the miles per gallon of a traditional unleaded engine, it more than makes up for the cost difference. More car companies are looking to diesel as a potential work horse for the automobile industry. Volkswagen is on the leading edge with the unveiling of the new, redesigned, 2012 Passat. One of only a few manufacturers with diesel models, Volkswagen is giving customers the option and opportunity to try the advantages of diesel first hand. In addition, no other manufacturer is giving the customer the option of a manual or automatic transmission with a diesel.

The Passat TDI, with an estimated 43 mpg on the highway, should be able to break the 800 miles per-tank range. A drive from Denver to San-Antonio, Texas or a round trip to Salt Lake, Utah will require only a single fill-up. This means less cash spent on gas. McDonald Volkswagen will have several diesel models in stock when the new Passat arrives in Early September. Be on the leading edge as one of the first people with a 2012 Passat and pre-order yours today.