2015 VW Beetle Convertible | Wind Blocker

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New Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel “No Compromise” Commercial

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2015 Volkswagen Passat brings plug-in power to Europe

Volkswagen (and many other European automakers) have a storied history of launching products in their home market before bringing those wares over to the United States. Look at the seventh-generation Golf, for example, which just arrived in the US as a 2015 model but first debuted at the Paris Motor Show back in 2012. So while you might assume that the slick new Passat seen here will show up in US showrooms in another year or two, you’d actually be wrong. Sorry, folks – we’re missing this one.

That’s kind of a shame, too, as this Passat is one handsome – if conservative – automobile. It has more of a rakish, CC-like appearance, and it’s built on Volkswagen’s scalable MQB architecture, so it’s a fair bit lighter than its predecessor. Powertrain options include VW’s 1.4-, 1.8-, and 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines, as well as diesel mills in 1.6- and 2.0-liter displacements. There’s also the 215-horsepower Passat GTE, which can operate as an EV for up to 31 miles. That GTE will even be offered as a sexy wagon variant (called the Variant, actually).

Check out the not-for-US Passat in our gallery above, then scope out the press blast below to learn more about that plug-in GTE.





Jeans, thought to be a strictly American product, originated in 18th century Italy where Genoan sailors wore snappy outfits made from denim.


Tiffany Blue Volkswagen!


2015 VW Jetta | How To Bluetooth Pairing




Despite his amazing success as a songwriter in the early 60s, Paul McCartney wanted to test the theory whether it was the Lennon-McCartney name that made hit songs. He wrote “Woman” for Peter & Gordon using the pseudonym “Bernard Webb.” The song became a hit.


Twin-engine 14-cylinder VW Jetta exists because it can

Bravo to people with a crazy idea and enough time to actually make it a reality. Without them, we would never see insane creations like this one.

This builder took a Volkswagen Jetta with a VR6 up front (already a good place to start), chopped out the rear seats, put in a roll cage and mounted a W8 engine back there. To make it all work together, he hooked the throttles together, but each powerplant still operated with its own transmission with VR6 using a manual and the W8 having an automatic.

Amazingly, at first glance, this 14-cylinder Volkswagen looks like a mostly stock Jetta. However, the ability to hide out is instantly erased as soon as you hear this thing or take even the quickest glance in the rear. With the two engines shifting completely separately from each other, the result is a wall of glorious automotive sound.

Check out the video to see the guy’s handiwork and see what happens when he mashes the throttle to make two VW engines motivate this Jetta on a dirt road.



Can you name what the original title of Fahrenheit 451 was supposed to be?

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack jacks up onto stage

Subaru has its Outbacks. Volvo the Cross Country models. Audi has Allroad. Volkswagen labels the wagons it ruggedizes for off-roading (or at least soft-roading) under the name Alltrack, and this is the latest.

Joining the Passat Alltrack and making its grand debut at the Paris Motor Show, the new Golf Alltrack is based on the Golf SportWagen (which itself effectively replaces the Jetta wagon) but upgrades with a more rugged appearance and equipment. It’s got 4Motion all-wheel drive, an electronic differential lock and a raised suspension, along with black lower body cladding and wheel arches and metallic trim on the bumpers, side sills, wind mirrors and roof rails.

All of which makes the Golf that much better suited to driving where the paved road ends, if not where the dirt road ends too.