Twin-engine 14-cylinder VW Jetta exists because it can

Bravo to people with a crazy idea and enough time to actually make it a reality. Without them, we would never see insane creations like this one.

This builder took a Volkswagen Jetta with a VR6 up front (already a good place to start), chopped out the rear seats, put in a roll cage and mounted a W8 engine back there. To make it all work together, he hooked the throttles together, but each powerplant still operated with its own transmission with VR6 using a manual and the W8 having an automatic.

Amazingly, at first glance, this 14-cylinder Volkswagen looks like a mostly stock Jetta. However, the ability to hide out is instantly erased as soon as you hear this thing or take even the quickest glance in the rear. With the two engines shifting completely separately from each other, the result is a wall of glorious automotive sound.

Check out the video to see the guy’s handiwork and see what happens when he mashes the throttle to make two VW engines motivate this Jetta on a dirt road.


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2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack jacks up onto stage

Subaru has its Outbacks. Volvo the Cross Country models. Audi has Allroad. Volkswagen labels the wagons it ruggedizes for off-roading (or at least soft-roading) under the name Alltrack, and this is the latest.

Joining the Passat Alltrack and making its grand debut at the Paris Motor Show, the new Golf Alltrack is based on the Golf SportWagen (which itself effectively replaces the Jetta wagon) but upgrades with a more rugged appearance and equipment. It’s got 4Motion all-wheel drive, an electronic differential lock and a raised suspension, along with black lower body cladding and wheel arches and metallic trim on the bumpers, side sills, wind mirrors and roof rails.

All of which makes the Golf that much better suited to driving where the paved road ends, if not where the dirt road ends too.


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2015 VW Jetta | DSG Transmission



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2015 VW Jetta | VW Car-Net In-Car Features and Functions




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Volkswagen XL Sport brings Ducati power to Paris

One of the biggest deals at the 2014 Paris Motor Show is this, the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept. Boasting an engine donated by the wild Ducati 1199 Superleggera motorcycle and based on the limited edition, fuel-sipping XL1, the XL Sport is a tantalizing blend of lightweight technologies, extreme aerodynamic focus and high-performance punch.

While yesterday’s news focused on the performance aspects of the XL Sport, including the 197-horsepower V-twin, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and slippery 0.258 drag coefficient, we’re going to focus on the car’s looks this time (mostly because we have some spiffy new live images), which in our eye, are exquisite.

The XL Sport maintains two of the XL1’s most defining features: a wide, low shape and a kammback rear end. For performance duty, Volkswagen sacrificed the smooth body of the XL1 in order to fit large cooling ducts behind the rear doors, to better feed air into the Ducati engine.

The front end is more aggressive, with a prominent chin spoiler, while a significantly larger and wider wheel/tire package delivers additional grip and aesthetic appeal at the expense of aero efficiency. The door’s character lines look more defined, likely to better feed air into the side-mounted intakes while a substantial rear spoiler helps keep the rear-end pinned at the XL Sport’s 168-mile-per-hour top speed. Our team on the ground in Paris, meanwhile, reports that this concept’s matte paint is a particular highlight of the low-slung VeeDub. We can’t be certain, but we’re pretty sure it’s Sepang Blue, a matte shade found on the Audi R8.

Inside the cabin, a set of aluminum-alloy shift paddles have spawned from the back of the flat-bottomed steering wheel, while anodized accents, red contrast stitching and a digital instrument cluster round out the most significant interior upgrades.

Take a look up top for our complete round up of live images of the new XL Sport Concept direct from the floor of the 2014 Paris Motor Show.